I hope you’re staying cool and hydrated this July. Updates on two big projects and what we’re covering at our relocated July 25 ANC 5F meeting next week!

Say Goodbye to Dave Thomas Circle: The ex-Wendys at the corner of New York and Florida Avenues is going away. Mayor Bowser will be joining us tomorrow, Wednesday, July 19, at 11am, to kick off the project that will demolish and reconfigure the intersection. No RSVP required but DDOT advises that you wear closed toe shoes.

Say Hello to a Gapless MBT: It’s official name is the 8th Street NE Traffic Safety Improvements Project, but you may know it as the 8th Street Bike Lanes or Closing the Gap in the Metropolitan Branch Trail (MBT). Last month DDOT made one final change to the design, to keep two-way traffic between Lawrence and Monroe. Today they confirmed construction is imminent: "DDOT expects to begin project construction within the next 2-3 weeks. Construction is expected to last 2-4 weeks. During the construction and conversion of the roadway to one-way operations, there will be temporary impacts to parking."

July 25 ANC 5F Meeting

ANC 5F will meet on Tuesday, July 25, 2023 at 7pm ET. Join us virtually on Zoom or in person at the Eckington Community Room in the Judd & Weiler complex on Quincy Lane NE, next to and behind Eckington Hall. (Here’s a map, and we’ll make sure there’s good signage.)

Items that might be acted on include:

All ANC 5F meetings are open to the public, and feel free to reach out to me with any questions or feedback on any of these items. Public comment is right at the start of every meeting at 7pm, after roll call - and we need to hear from you, even if it’s for you to say you like what we’re doing!

July Office Hours

Thank you for joining me (and Ulysses!) for my office hours on July 4! I’m glad I was able to answer questions about who to reach in the city government to solve various problems. Stay tuned for an announcement of August office hours.

SPEAKING OF PUBLIC SAFETY: On July 11, the D.C. Council passed a crime bill. Councilmember Parker wrote a good explanation of what is in it and what he is trying to do on the Council for public safety. I also shared a couple of tweets with questions about what seem to me to be outstanding issues on crime, many of which I’ve heard from you — things like the crime lab not being certified since 2021, the USAO and MPD and Council all not aligned on arrest procedures, MPD retention issues, the seeming non-use of focused deterrence that worked in previous crime waves, and motivating the U.S. Attorney to prosecute repeat offenders. This Monday, I’m meeting with the Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and will report back anything constructive. And yesterday, the Mayor announced her pick of Pamela Smith to be the new Chief of Police.

E-WASTE: If you have electronic waste (old TV, old computer, etc.) and are not able to take it yourself to the Fort Totten facility, DPW deputy director says use the 311 app to make a bulk trash pickup and specify in the comments that it is electronic waste.

MORE WMATA FEEDBACK: Thank you to everyone who gave feedback that was incorporated into ANC 5F’s resolution to WMATA on their Better Bus redesign. WMATA  is now back for more, asking for input on long-term rail system expansion. Two of the options include new service to Union Market and Ivy City.

MOVIES BACK IN ALETHIA TANNER PARK: Stay tuned, but movies in the park will be back from September 13 to October 11.


Happy summer! Three big updates: July office hours, what we’re covering at our June 27 ANC 5F meeting tomorrow, and some neighborhood updates.

July Office Hours: July 4 will be a holiday but not for me. If you have a concern or a question, stop by my table outside Alethia Tanner Dog Park between 10AM and 12NOON on Tuesday, July 4. And don’t go far, be sure to stay for the U.S. Navy Band performance at 4pm in Alethia Tanner Park!

June 27 ANC 5F Meeting

ANC 5F will meet on Tuesday, June 27, 2023 at 7pm ET. Join us virtually on Zoom or in person at Edgewood Recreation Center, 300 Evarts Street NE. Here are some of the action items that will be covered!

FLORIDA AVE NE CONSTRUCTION & BUS LANES: Demolition of the ex-Wendys at New York & Florida (“Dave Thomas Circle”) will start shortly, followed by a realignment of that confusing and congested intersection. Work is already underway to rebuild bike lanes to the east, near the Metro tracks, and a new through-the-building connection to the MBT will open by the end of this year.

In addition to all this, District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is looking at how they can speed up buses on Florida Avenue NE; at a recent meeting they held with ANC Commissioners, they reported that the 90/92 buses go as slow as 4 mph in rush hour mixed traffic. I am sponsoring a resolution asking DDOT to design dedicated bus lanes as part of their project. Improving transit will be hard if the buses move at just 4 mph, and a bus lane should be on option on the table.

BETTER BUS FEEDBACK: WMATA has proposed the first redesign of their bus network in a half-century, and I was honored to be a member of Councilmember Parker’s Ward 5 Bus Task Force which scrutinized what WMATA proposed for our neighborhoods and which made constructive recommendations for changes. I am sponsoring a resolution incorporating this feedback as ANC 5F’s official feedback to WMATA. Items include frequent, fast service on Rhode Island Avenue similar to the G9 (either by higher service standards or an overlay route, and extending one route west to Shaw or U Street), and a restructured P6 that won’t get stuck in traffic (keeping it off Rhode Island Avenue and not detouring it to 2nd/3rd Streets).

THE FUTURE OF NEW YORK AVENUE NE: The DC Office of Planning has begun thinking about zoning changes for New York Avenue NE to allow needed affordable housing and better transportation and environmental quality. I am sponsoring a resolution endorsing those draft recommendations and encouraging speedy action on them.

BETTER USE OF FEDERAL FUNDS: I am sponsoring a resolution, joined by Commissioner Aru Sahni, asking the DC government to better use federal driver safety grant funds it receives. A new federal law allows the money to be used for automated traffic enforcement around neighborhood schools. We would join ANCs 1B, 1E, and 4D in passing this.

CONGESTION PRICING STUDY & CAMERA REVENUE: I see in the news today that New York City is moving forward with a congestion pricing program in their urban core next year. Back in 2019-20, DC Department of Transportation studied such an idea for downtown DC, and I am sponsoring a resolution asking DDOT to brief ANC 5F on that study. It’s vital information as we think about the pros and cons of various options to address traffic and road safety. The resolution also states opposition to diverting future transportation-related revenue like camera traffic enforcement revenue to general purposes; if we’re gonna have speed cameras the money should be used for transportation improvements.

HARRY THOMAS WAY & ECKINGTON PLACE IMPROVEMENTS: DDOT has proposed establishing a no-parking entrance in front of 1501 Harry Thomas Way NE and a commercial loading zone at 1600 Eckington Place NE. I am sponsoring a resolution approving those projects but adding conditions to extend their hours and to complete half-done crosswalk markings at Quincy Lane.

FOUND ART EXHIBITION AT TANNER PARK ON EARTH DAY: Ethan and I enjoyed viewing the “Found Art” sculptures created by neighbors this past Earth Day in Tanner Park. Ira Tattleman, the artist who led the workshops that created them, is seeking support to have his grant renewed for next year. I’ll be asking ANC 5F to approve a letter to do so.

1701 2ND ST NE: We will hear a presentation on the zoning application by 1701 2nd Street NE to construct a rear and side addition to a single-family row dwelling and make it a 3-unit multi-family building. This meeting is for information and questions; we will not be voting on it at this meeting. I’ve received feedback in support and opposed to the application, and have been communicating with the applicant.

All ANC 5F meetings are open to the public, and feel free to reach out to me with any questions or feedback on any of these items. Public comment is right at the start of every meeting at 7pm, after roll call - and we need to hear from you, even if it’s for you to say you like what we’re doing!

May Newsletter

If you missed it, I distributed my two-page newsletter last month. Download it as a PDF here.

Neighborhood Updates

Your Commissioner,

Joe Bishop-Henchman


Join Us for a Neighborhood Cleanup on Saturday, April 15, 10am - 12pm!

My April 2023 office hours won't just be me sitting at a table! I'll be joining Eckington Parks & Arts and Eckington Civic Association for their April 15 neighborhood cleanup. Meet at Yang's, 138 U St NE, at 10am. See the flyer below for details!

March 28 Meeting Update

Trash cans! Brewery summer garden! Edgewood grocery store! Transportation safety improvements!

ANC 5F met on March 28, 2023, here are some of the action items that we covered!

TRASH CANS: I live just off 4th Street, and in March the last trash can was removed. It used to be a trash can on every corner! At three locations near me residents have put out their own trash can just so there's something preventing garbage from being thrown on the ground.

Councilmembers Lewis George and Parker have been pushing DPW to provide answers on their trash can removal policies, including proposed legislation to involve ANC input before they are removed. I'm pleased to learn that changes are now happening! 

We heard from Ms. Rogers of DPW, who explained that trash can removal has been occurring due to conflicting 311 requests. Their new policy will be to get ANC input before adding or removing trash cans, after 311 submission. She noted that there's a 270 day backlog on additions. Ms. Rogers noted her list for trash can additions includes several spots in ANC5F06, including 4th & V (two corners), RI & V, 5th & RI, and 4th & W. ANCs will be notified of requests and for their input to be provided. I promised to support ANC support for trash can additions.

ALCOHOL LICENSES: We had presentations by two applicants. Lost Generation Brewing Company and Eckington Hall are both proposing outdoor service on their patios. Lost Generation is also seeking a modification to allow them to serve wine (in addition to beer). 

ANC 5F will seek agreements with both establishments on hours, trash, and noise. If you have thoughts, please reach out to me! In the meantime, 5F voted to support Lost Generation's application to ABRA to open its summer garden patio until action on the full application occurs. I want to especially thank Commissioner Anderson for her help on these matters within 5F06. She served on our predecessor commission's Alcohol Licensing committee so I greatly value that experience in moving these matters forward!

EDGEWOOD GROCERY STORE: We heard from Pritzker Realty Group, which is proposing a zoning map amendment at its Monroe Street Market project in Edgewood. They propose shifting 99 parking spaces at 701 Monroe St NE from residential to a grocery store. They aren't revealing the name of the potential grocery store tenant yet while they're negotiating. But the use of the parking spaces is needed for that.

Many of the residents are college students at nearby Catholic University, so Pritzker estimates that few of those currently parking there will be affected by the time construction occurs. Commissioner Williams asked several questions about how many spaces are used and what options there are for residents. ANC 5F voted unanimously to support the amendment request.

Needless to say a grocery store west of the railroad tracks is an important priority for me! And I'm grateful to Commissioners Hurst and Sahni for their work on this project and working with the developer on these goals!

TRANSPORTATION SAFETY IMPROVEMENTS! I voted for several resolutions from Commissioner Galvan supporting traffic calming and safety improvements especially near schools. He and I co-sponsored a resolution supporting more bollards near the MBT to prevent auto entry.

We selected Commissioner Sahni to chair our Transportation and Public Space Committee. If you're in Eckington or Edgewood, and if you'd like to help out with that committee, or any of our other committees, please send in your information here! https://forms.office.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=8Unkj5SLt0-ZBm-Tnagtc3qWL9ZkXeZBuh3_RyAuINpUOFY4WFlTNjdGUldaREg4T1ZVU1hZTU5TUC4u

Thanks to everyone for a very productive meeting! 

Joe Bishop-Henchman
ANC Commissioner 5F06 Eckington

March 2023 Newsletter! Download as a PDF by clicking here

February 15, 2023 Update

On February 15, 20 officials from DDOT, DC Water, DC MPD, Councilmember Parker's office, and ANC 5F conducted a site visit on Rhode Island Avenue where the sidewalk was closed last week and Mr. Tarrants was struck by a car and killed on February 8. A temporary pedestrian sidewalk was re-established the day before, February 14.

I'm grateful that everyone was there to talk constructively about how to make sure it doesn't happen again. Commissioners Jennifer Anderson, Aru Sahni, and I were there to talk about long-term fixes and emphasize that in the meantime pedestrian access needs to remain.

While we were there, discussing DC Water's construction and pedestrian access, multiple people were using the temporary walkway. One woman even ended up walking in the median due to inadequate signage (Councilmember Parker's chief of staff rushed over to help her get to the sidewalk.)

It's 0.28 miles from the last crosswalk to the west and the next crosswalk to the east. In between are the Alamo theatre, Metrobar, numerous apartment buildings (and more coming), several bus stops, and RI Avenue metro station. We need another crosswalk on that stretch.

Thank you to everyone who spotted this issue last week, especially Friends of the Metropolitan Branch Trail. As I told the group, I'm grateful for the mitigation yesterday and the commitment to improve safety on this stretch of Rhode Island Ave. We can't go back in time but we can fix it going forward. My thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Tarrants and his loved ones.

January 31, 2023 Update

Library? Mayor’s forum on crime? Budgets? It’s the last day of January and it’s hard for me to believe that I was only sworn in as your Commissioner on January 2. I have lots of updates to share:

At our last ANC meeting, I was honored to be elected Chair of the entire 5F Commission. At the meeting we also elected Commissioner Jennifer Anderson (5F05, Eckington) as vice chair, Commissioner Tony Hurst (5F01, Edgewood) as treasurer, and Commissioner Mark Galvan (5F04, Eckington & Edgewood) as secretary. The Commission also adopted the bylaws and procedures I took the lead on drafting, tasked Commissioner Aru Sahni (5F02, Edgewood) with setting up a website and a mailing list, and set our regular monthly meeting as the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7pm. Mark your calendars: January 31, February 28, March 28, April 25, May 23, June 27, July 25, September 26, October 24, November 28, December 19.

ANC MEETING TONIGHT at 7pm, both virtual via Teams and at the Chase, 680 Rhode Island Avenue NE. Big topics on the agenda include:

In addition:

If you support (or oppose) any of this, please let me know! Public comment at ANC meetings is usually people opposed to something we’re considering. We also need to hear from you if you like it! Public comment is right at the start of every meeting at 7pm, after roll call.

Your Commissioner,

Joe Bishop-Henchman


ANC 5F Meeting: January 17, 2023

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5F, covering Eckington & Edgewood, #ANC5F will have a meeting on Tuesday, January 17 at 6pm to 8pm at the Edgewood Recreation Center, 300 Evarts Street NE. You can also attend virtually.

More details: http://anc5f.com/meetings

Agenda link: https://qr.link/QFLrjS

This is where we will:

Please reach out to me or your commissioner if you have ideas or opinions on:

All ANC meetings are open to the public.

See you there!

MBT Access Update

On January 13, I toured 202 Florida Avenue NE, the residential building under construction at Florida Avenue and the trail. Construction is proceeding rapidly and their goal is to complete it by the end of 2023.

The project includes a new permanent connection from the MBT to Florida Avenue. The connection will include a wide stairway with bike rails, and an elevator. As you pass by on the MBT, you can see where it will be and how large it is.

I also discussed the reopening of the sidewalk on the north side of Florida Avenue, which has now reopened with wood protective covering for pedestrians. If you see any issues, please alert me!

Proposed 5F Bylaws & Rules

I'm sharing proposed ANC5F Bylaws and Standard Procedures documents I'll be sponsoring.

5F is a brand new Commission and starts with a blank slate. I've read every ANC's bylaws, procedures, and rules, and drawn some great best practices together in one place. Also OAG letters.

The documents are here:

What's in them? Seven major things:

1. Reduces 3 layers of meetings/approvals (policy committee, committee of the whole, full Commission) to two. No more duplication

2. One secretary in charge of getting records up and minutes out, within 5 days. No more taking months

3. Makes clear that the full Commission takes actions and is entitled to great weight, not individual commissioners. This language is straight from the Attorney General.

4. Allows officers to be removed at any time by a majority, without cause.

5. Codifies strong financial controls and sets up a very defined process for grants. 5F will start off with $8,000 per quarter in your tax dollars and we should use it very wisely.

6. A "Conduct Policy" and transparency requirements for Commission activities.

7. Four policy committees (including volunteers from 5F residents):

Each committee will work closely with the relevant DC agency to advance 5F goals.

Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome! DC law requires that we adopt bylaws at our very first commission meeting, which should be this month.

January 6, 2023

ANC 5F Planning Session

ANC 5F commissioners will have an administrative planning session, Sat., Jan. 7, 11am to 1pm, at Edgewood Recreation Center, 300 Evarts Street NE. The session will prepare logistics for our first meeting and no official actions will be taken. It is open to the public.

January 2, 2023

On January 2, I was sworn in and took office as ANC Commissioner for ANC 5F06!